Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 6- Black History

February 6, 2017
Black History Month

This doll was created in the late 1980's.  Her name was Naomi and was created by an African American Women, Yla Eason.  The toy company was named Olmec, which was based on one of the earliest civilizations that was centered around Mexico and built  African Statutes.

Naomi box stated: I'm the newest sensation in Town.  I have my own business selling fashions.  I  design. I also am a college girl.  I like to be with my friends and enjoy myself.  I think it is important to have goals and to try to the best don't you agree.  She's stunning, smart, stylish and successful.  Get's A in school. She is Pretty.  Her favorite color was Purple.

The doll was competing with Barbie.  So, I was glad when she changed the image to be directed towards African American children. She changed the theme of the doll to represent African American Culture.

 She became known as the African American Princess, Imani and her boyfriend, Menelik was the African American Princess.  

Here is the original Naomi, Menelik and Imani.


  1. Wow, I think this is my first time seeing Naomi. I didn't even know she existed. I like her features. She has more expressive eyes.

  2. She is also known as Elisse too. I agree with you and like that her features were different.

  3. After her introduction year, Naomi's name was changed to Ellisse. The then super model Naomi Sims did not want consumers to associate the doll with her. She either sued or threatened to sue Olmec, which prompted the doll's name to be changed to Ellisse. Ellisse's name was later changed to Imani. Imani used the Ellisse head sculpt until Imani received a facelift shortly before Olmec discontinued all products.