Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 22- Black History

February 22, 2017
Black History Month

In 1985, Yvonne Rubie introduced a doll called Huggy Bean.  This was the first Black character doll to be mass produced. Huggy Bean was created to show African American children positive images and that they are cute in the way they look.

The company was called Golden Ribbon Playthings.  She created a limited edition fashion doll called Balia Elegance.  Her hair was braided in West Africa with Senegal twists and beads. Her dress is made using Kente cloth.


  1. This is a beautiful doll. She has a realistic look about her. I will have to look this company up. I've never hear of them either.

    1. Thanks. The fashion doll was not as known as Huggy Bean

  2. Wow! This doll is lovely. Until now, I never knew she existed. I am now on the hunt!