Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 18- Black History Month

February 18, 2017

Black History Month

The Shindana had created two sports stars during the time.  They were OJ Simpson and  Dr. J.  I was finally able to purchase the Dr. J action figure 2 years ago at a reasonable price.  The downside was that the box was not in great shape and he did not stay in the box.

Julius Erving nicknamed, Dr. J played basketball from  1971 to 1987.   He retired from the Philadelphia 76ers.  He is my favorite basketball player.  I wish that they would do a series of old timers in 12".  I can hope.


  1. That's a handsome doll. Pity Shindana did not make him 12" tall - then again, think how many collectors would have been after him then.

  2. They did a wonderful job on his sculpt.

  3. I have Shindana's Dr. J. and O.J. They did a great job capturing their likeness.

    I used to have a major crush on Dr. J.


  4. I think most women had a crush on him.