Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 13 - Black History

February 13, 2017
Black History Month

Helena Hamilton created  a toy company called Hamilton Design Systeme in or around 1994.  She was an ex model and created a fashion doll called  Candy Girls.

 In 1995, she changed the name to Candi Girls and changed the theme of her dolls.  It was Fashion Candi Couture.  It became a focus on the Fashion doll and Fashion Doll Clothing concept.

The new theme was "Life is a multicultural event-let's celebrate life! Collect the multicultural faces of Fashion Candi Girls.  Love and accept your own visual imagery.  so that you may freely embrace the beauty of others. The body of our doll is not an ideal, but it sure is ideal for design.  One great ideal: the love of self.  Empower the children!


  1. I applaud Hamilton for her many doll creations and for adding beautiful dolls of color to the doll world.


  2. Cool! I have this Candi - she's one of the ones I think are in storage. Glad to see you have her, too. She has such a solemn face. I like that about her.

  3. I've always enjoyed the diversity of the Candi dolls. This one pictured is beautiful. A few years ago I had compiled a list of Candi dolls I wanted to buy. I'm not sure why that never happened. Hmmm? I must have gotten side-tracked.