Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 11- Black History

February 11, 2017

Black History Month

Integrity Toys decided to focus on the Adult Collector and created Adele
Makeda. She was the start of a brand new line.  However, when a new designer came in, Adele was no longer the main character.  She was now a supporting doll.  Adele was never given a boyfriend but an African American male doll was created. He was Darius Reid and he was a music executive.  There have been several African American dolls in the fashion Royalty line.  The one pictured below is Bianca Jordan with Adele and Darius.   She was dating Darius Reid after he broke up with someone else.

Adele, Darius, Bianca

Adele and Darius


  1. Thanks for sharing Adele and Darius' stories with the addition of information about Bianca Jordan.


  2. You are welcome. Integrity toys use to print cards with each doll to give the story, but they stopped. I missed the cards.