Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 10 - Black History

February 10, 2017

Black History Month

This is the last and newest Janay.  Janay underwent a drastic change from the first Janay in 1995 to the Janay in 2000's.  Her look was distinct and had different features from previous Janay's and dolls.

The biggest surprise was that she got a new boyfriend Tariq.  He had a different look than Jordan.  I like that they created to African American males instead of just changing the name.

Integrity Toys filled a void in the toy world by creating an African American Doll. She disappeared when they created the Fashion Royalty line.   Janay disappeared and children no longer had a doll that they could play with because Fashion Royalty was for adults.  I miss the playline dolls and the themes that they represented.

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