Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black History Month 2017

Celebrating  Black History Month

This year I want to celebrate the dolls and their contributions they have made in the doll world

Christie is the first one I will feature for one week

She is here with her first love.

They were the first Black Doll Couple.

Talking Brad said "Christie is the Greatest"


  1. Beautiful! BTW, Brad wasn't wrong, Christie is the greatest!

  2. Thanks for your annual Black History in dolls and action figures. I look forward to seeing what you present.

    My first Christie was one of the early Malibu Christies with this face mold. I had one of the original Julias, too. (My Julia had the one-piece nurse uniform. There was another with 2 pieces, I think.)

    I didn't have any Barbie guy dolls until Free Moving Ken and Free Moving Curtis. Congrats on having Brad as well as an early Christie.