Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 2- Black History Month

Black History Month

Feb. 2nd, 2017

I am featuring my favorite Christie- Beyond Pink.  She came with a little history of herself on the back of the box.  I have never seen a last name for her.  Her birthdate is August 9. Favorite color is green.  Favorite thing to do is: check out the latest zines.  Favorite food is Fresh Fruit. Saying: later.  She wants to be a fashion designer.

I like her because she is  flexible and can bend her arms and knees.  She can sit in a chair at a normal posture.  She is here with Brad.


  1. I've never seen this Christie before. She is gorgeous. Love her hair.

  2. I have never seen this one either! She is beautiful. Is this the same Brad from your previous post?

  3. She's a lovely doll, also new to me. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Congratulations on having this lovely doll. I LOVE her textured hair ... I don't have her, but I have other Mattel dolls with similar hair texture. Thanks for sharing the box cover, too. I enjoy the doll bios.