Friday, December 2, 2016

Birthday Goodies

For my  birthday, I go on the hunt for some new action figures and dolls. 

I went to Toy r us and Target and found some new action figures. Some of them have limited articulation. I purchased  DeadShot with the Will Smith face which is much cheaper than the fully articulated one by Hot Toys.  Toys R Us has a new set of 12" military figures. I was glad to see.  There faces are soft and not the hard face like Dead Shot. The one I [picked up was Bandit, True Heroes Sentinel. There are three more figures in the series.  Finally,  Black Panther was available   I had to wait until he became solo because he was first  introduce in a  6 pack.  I wish they had given him the face of Chadwick Boseman.

I found Jay by Hasbo in the doll aisle.  He is fully articulated and 11" tall. Jay is from the series the Descendants.

The other action figures that I ordered online were Finn from Star Wars by Hot Toys,  and Rainbow Dash My Little Pony series by Integrity Toys.

Bandit, Black Panther, Deadshot
Finn, Rainbow Dash, Jay


  1. Happy Birthday! Congrats on all you figures. You know you have such a awesome collection!

  2. Happy Birthday. All of them are great!