Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Playline and Adult line action figures

These are some of the figures that came out during the past holiday season.  Lebron James and Kevin Durant  are by Jazwares.  They have 6" version and were supposed to have more 12" versions of the various basketball players but I guess they did not sell well and were not made.  I miss the 12" basketball player figures.  Finn and the Rock are by Hasbro and have limited movement.  I waited years to finally have Shana Elmsburg boyfriend, Anthony Julian.   I wish that the Disney Finn was 12" but they made him 14".

Lebron James, Danny Wellbeck- soccer player from Manchester, KPO4- Generation K Muscle Nude Body by Kaustic Plastik, John Boyega as Finn From the Force Awakens (Hasbro), The Rock, Finn (Disney Version) , Kevin Durant
Tobias Alford,  Vin Diesel as Riddick in Pitch Black, Anthony Julian from Jem and the Holigrams