Friday, February 26, 2016

Black History Month Ends

Thank you for participating and reading all the different facts about African American inventors. 

Yesterday's Answer:  Ironing Board.

This month starts Women's History Month.  Please remember all the woman that have made a great impact on the world.  Can you guess who they are?

Day 29- Sarah Boone

Black History Month- Feb 29

Yesterday's Answer:  Fire Escape Ladder (metal)

Today's Question:

Sarah Boone was born in 1832 in North Carolina.  In 1862, she received a patent for improvement for this item that made sleeves easier to handle.    What did she create?

Day 28 J.R.Winters

Black History Month- Feb 28

Yesterday's Answer: Telegraphony and Multiplex telegraph

Today's Question: Fire Escape Ladder
J.R. Winters  was born in Virginia in 1824.  He created this item that could be mounted on a truck or to a building that could save the lives of various people.  What did he create?

Day 27- Granville T. Woods

Black History Month- Feb. 27

Yesterday's Answer:  Umbrella Stand

Today's Question:

Granville T. Woods was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1856.  He dedicated his life to developing a variety of inventions relating to the railroad industry.  In 1885, he created a system to communicate between train stations from moving trains.
What did he create?

The guys are waiting for the train to go to school.


Day 26- W.C. Carter

Black History Month  Feb. 26

Yesterday's Answer: Making of a Flag

Today's Question:

W.C. Carter in 1885 received a patent for creating one of these to hold things.  It comes in handy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 25- H.A. Bowman

Black History Month- Feb 25

Yesterday's Answer:  The Lantern

Today's Question: 
Henry A. Bowman lived in Massachusetts and received a patent for his invention in 1892.  He made certain new and useful Improvements  in the method of making this item.   He was able to affix emblems or stars to the fabric for this item.    The Dolls of the World would celebrate with this item.  What was the patent for?

Day 24- Michael C. Harvey

Black History Month- Feb 24

Yesterday's Answer- TV Transmitter

Today's Question: 

Michael C. Harvey create this invention in 1884 while living in Missouri.  Harriet Tubman found it very useful on the Underground Railroad.  What did he invent?

Day 23- T. Valerie Thomas

Black History Month- Feb 23

Yesterday's Answer:  Folding Chair/desk

Today's Question:  :  Valerie Thomas "was born in 1964. She retired from NASA in 1995." She invented this electronic device that allowed me to watch Diahann Carroll in Julia and Keith Hamilton Cobb in Andromeda.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 22-Nathaniel Alexander

Black History Month- Feb 22

Yesterday's Answer:  Eye- Protectors

Today's Question:

Nathaniel Alexander  was born in 1808 in  Mechlenberg, NC. .   He created this piece of furniture to be used in schools, churches and auditoriums.  It also came with a book rest at the back of it.

What furniture item did he create?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 21- Powell Johnson

Black History Month- Feb 21

Yesterday's Answer:   Tricycle

Today's Question:

Powell Johnson  he received this patent in 1880.  He invention him improved this item and "could be used by furnace men, puddlers, fireman and other exposed to glare of strong light."*


Day 19- F.J. Loudin

Black History Month- Feb 19

Yesterday's Answer:   Gamma- Electric Cell-  made it possible for mobile communications

Today's Question: 

Frederick J. Loudin  was born in Ohio in 1840.  He "was a teacher, impresario, manufacturer and Fisk Jubilee Singer." *  He created this item that could attach to your jacket so that you would not lose these items or have them stolen.  This item would go perfectly with Ken.  What did he create?

*See more at:

Day 20- M.A. Cherry

Black History Month- Feb 20

Yesterday's Answer:   Keychain

Today's Question: 

M.A. Cherry was born in 1864 in Missouri  He received a patent for creating this loveable item for kids. 

Menelik love taking his little cousin out when in the warm weather.

Day 18- Henry T. Sampson

Black History Month- Feb 18

Yesterday's Answer:  Bicycle Frame

Today's Question: 

Henry T. Sampson was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1934. He "was the first African American to earn a PH.D. in Nuclear Engineering in the United States.   His invention made it possible to
wirelessly send and receive audio signals through radio waves."*  His invention made it possible for communications to occur this way?  What was his invention? Victor has one and Kara placed hers in her bag.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 17- Issac R. Johnson

Black History Month- Feb 17

Yesterday's Answer:   Rockerfeller Center and Radio City Music Hall

Today's Question: 

 Isaac R. Johnson  was born in 1803 in Louisiana.  He was also the 12th Governor of the state of Louisiana.  In 1899, Isaac R. Johnson  created a compact form of this object to take on vacation and for easy storage.   What did he create?

    Sutton and Jai


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 16- David Crosthwait Jr.

Black History Month- Feb 16

Yesterday's Answer:  Euphonica- Guitar like instrument

Today's Question:

David Crosthwait was born in 1898 in Nashville Tennessee.  He was  a "mechanical and electrical engineer, inventor and writer.  He received his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering from Purdue University."*  He created this heating systems for theses famous place in New York City.  The ladies love to perform at this place.  What is the place?

*info from wikipedia

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 13- Lyda Newman

Black History Month- Feb 13

Yesterday's Answer: A fountain pen

Today's Question:

Lydia Newman improved this tool for women in 1898.  She lived in New York City.  The tool that she created was easier to clean after usage.  Kara and Kianna have this item in their box.   Kianna loves  when Kara uses it on hair.

Day 15- Robert F. Flemming

Black History Month- Feb 15

Today's Question:

Robert F. Flemming, Jr was born in 1856 in Mississippi.  He created this instrument in 1886.  It was similar to a popular instrument with a louder sound and less force as this traditional instrument.  He later became a manufacturer of the instrument and a music teacher.*

*info from Wikipedia

Day 14- Happy Valentine's Day

Black History Month  - Feb 14

Yesterday's Answer:  The Hairbrush.  The bristles were able to be removed from the base of the brush for easy cleaning.

Today is Valentine's Day. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2016

Day 12-W. B. Purvis

Black History Month- Feb 12

Yesterday's Answer: Steam Powered Warship

Today' Question:

  W. B. Purvis in  1890 he received a patent for this tool.  He "stated that the object of his invention was to provide a simple, durable and inexpensive construction of this tool to make it easy to carry  in his pocket.  

Dasia (she is editor of a magazine) and Tariq used this tool when they are trying to information from people they are interviewing.  What is the tool?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 11-Benjamin Bradley

Black History Month- Feb 11

Yesterday's Answer:
A folding bed that turn into a desk when closed

 Today's Questions
Benjamin Bradley was born in Maryland as a slave.  He  used his saving to build this engine that would help power this vessel.  It  would help in time of fighting.  What was the engine for?  The figures below might have worked on one during conflicts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 5-Alfred L. Cralle

Black History Month- Feb 5

Yesterday's Answer:  Shoe lasting machine- it revolutionize the shoe industry.

Today's Question:
Alfred L. Cralle created this tool that makes Grace and Darren's dessert beautiful. What did he invent?

Day 10- Sarah Goode

Black History Month- Feb 10

Yesterday's Answer: He improved the horseshoe

Today's Question:

Sarah Goode was the first African American woman to receive a patent.  She was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1855 and died in 1905.  She created this furniture piece that could be used in small spaces.  Barbie loves the item.  What was it?

* info from Wikipedia


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 9- Oscar E. Browne

Black History Month- Feb 9

Yesterday's Answer: The Super Soaker

Today's Question: 

Oscar E. Browne was born in Buffalo New York.   He improved this object so that the horse could experience less discomfort.  He received a patent for it in 1892.    What was the patent for?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 8- Lonnie George Johnson

Black History Month - Feb 8

Yesterday's Answer:  Permanent Waving Machine

Today's Question:

Loonies George Johnson created this rotting make summer fun. Steven is having do much fun chasing the girls.
What are the guys trying to hide from?

Day 7- Marjorie Stewart Joyner

Black History Month- Feb. 7

Yesterday's Answer:   The reversible stroller

Today's Question:

Marjorie Stewart Joyner  was born in 1986 in Virginia and died 1994.  She "was an American businesswoman. She  and in 1912, she moved to Chicago and began studying cosmetology. She graduated A.B. Molar Beauty School in Chicago in 1916, the first African American  to achieve this."
In 1928, she received this patent for this device/ machine that helped  change African American women's hairstyle.  What did she create?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day 6- William H. Richardson

Black History Month- Feb. 6

Yesterday's Answer: 
Ice Cream Mold (scoop)

Today's Question

       William Richardson received a patent for his invention. His patent improved this equipment and created a new version of it. What did he patent?

Alan and Ryan are enjoying a day with it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 3- Madame C.J. Walker

Black History Month - Day 3

Yesterday's Answer:  Gas Mask

Today's Question

Sarah Breedlock became known as Madame C.J. Walker- first  woman self-made millionaire in America.  She was born in 1867 in Louisiana and died in  1919.  She created this to help African American women.  Her business grew and she traveled around the country promoting this.  She also founded "philanthropies that included educational scholarships and donations to homes for the elderly, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Conference on Lynching, among other organizations focused on improving the lives of African-Americans. She also donated the largest amount of money by an African-American toward the construction of an Indianapolis YMCA in 1913."*

What did she create?

   Dahlia, Janay, Barbie, K


Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 4- Jan Ernst Matzeliger

Black History Month-  Feb. 4

Yesterday's Answer:  Black women  hair products and cosmetics

Today's Question:

 Jan Ernst Matzeliger "was an inventor of Surinamese and Dutch descent best known for patenting this  machine.  He was born in Paramaribo (now Suriname) in 1852. and  settled in the United States in 1873 and trained as this apprentice. In 1883, he patented a machine that increased the availability of these items and made it more affordable for everyone. .  He died of tuberculosis on August 24, 1889."*

What machine did he make?  The Integrity dolls have some of these beautiful items.


Day 2- Garrett Morgan

Black History Month - Day 2

Yesterday's Answer:  The Clock

Today's Question

Garrett A. Morgan was born in Kentucky in 1877 and died in 1963.  He "was an inventor and businessman from Cleveland who is best known for inventing a device in 1914."  This device help rescue 32 men trapped in an underground tunnel  that exploded in 1916.  He received requests from fire departments around the country for this device and won several medals for this device. *

 What is it?

*The information came from -

Celebrating Black History Month- Day 1 Benjamin Banneker

February is Black History Month

This year I decide to focus on African American Inventors and their inventions.  Each doll will represent what the inventor created.  Can you guess the correct invention?

Benjamin Banneker was an almanac author, surveyor, mathematician, naturalist and farmer.  He was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1731 and died in 1806.  He surveyed/ founded the area that became the capital of the United States , Washington, D.C.

He also invented this instrument that Flavor Flav loves.  What is it?