Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday- Barbie Convention

We had several events today

Mattel Presentation and Luncheon
We saw a performance of Broadway songs and got introduced to Harlem Theater Barbie named Claudette Gordon

We received some goodies from Mattel

Completion Room opened today
My diorama won 2nd Place. It was created with my sister.

Here are some of the other entries

I also created a doll for the Category creative Best Actress. I won Honorable Mention


The male entries for Best Actor


  1. wow! That looked like a whole lot of fun and excitement!

  2. Congrats on winning for your Oz diorama and your actress entries!

    Thanks for sharing these photos - especially the new doll, Harlem Theater Barbie aka Claudette Gordon.

  3. Looks like you are having fun at the convention! Congrats on you dio win!

  4. Congratulation to your and your sister! I love The Wiz and for the Scarecrow to get win a honorable mention is even better.

  5. Love your Wiz diorama. Congratiulatiins on placing 2nd. You and your sister did a first place job in my opinion.

    Congratulations on receiving honorable mention on the doll you created for Creative Best Actress category.


  6. Thank you everyone. We had fun creating the diorama and doll

  7. Congrats on winning second place! Awesome job on your dio. Great job on your Creative Best Actress doll, too.