Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb 5th- Black History Month

Feb 5th, 2015

Yesterday's Answers:

The character is Black Lightning and the actor is Blair Underwood

Today's Question:

Can you name the actor and character?

This character, real name is John Henry Irons, first appeared in the comics in 1993.  "Doctor John Henry Irons was a brilliant weapons engineer for AmerTek Industries, but became disgusted when a powerful man-portable energy cannon he had designed, fell into the wrong hands and killed innocent people.  John faked his death, and eventually came to Metropolis. While working a construction job high up on a skyscraper, he fell off while saving a friend from the same fate and was saved by Superman."*  At this time, he dedicated his life to helping others. 

"John Henry Irons has no superhuman abilities; however, he is an extraordinary inventor and engineer, and a natural athlete who frequently displays an impressive degree of strength. In addition, he wears a suit of powered armor which grants him flight, enhanced strength, and endurance"*

*info from Wikipedia


  1. I'm shamed to confess - because I think the "actor" is a sports figure - but I think I "recognize" the figure shown. Shaquille O'Neal?

    Thanks for setting up these challenges ;-D

  2. Yes, I think she is right. If she is wrong, she by herself. LOL!