Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb 4th- Black History Month

Feb 3rd Answers:

Will Smith is John Hancock and appeared in the Hancock.

Can you name the character and actor who have voiced him a series of animations shorts. The actor has played a lawyer, a investigator and a Cuban President.

Other actors  including Levar Burton and Bumper Robinson have voiced this character on television and in film.

His real name is Jefferson Pierce and he was an Olympic decathlon gold medalist.  He is a high school principal and first appeared in DC comics in 1977.  He is a "metahuman who was born with the ability to generate and magnify external localized electromagnetic phenomena, by manipulating intense bio-electric fields generated by his body. This is a power that he internalized and kept hidden for much of the early part of his adult life.  He has demonstrated the ability to create an electromagnetic repulsion field which grants him limited flight capabilities. Pierce also maintains his Olympic-level physical conditioning, giving him above average strength, speed, and stamina. Under Batman's tutelage, he has become a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist."*

*info from Wikipedia.


  1. I'm no where as "up"on DC characters as I should be. News to me that Batman had a Black protege. (Yay, Batman!) I'd like to see who will "get" this one ;-)