Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 3- Black History Month

Feb 2nd Answers:

Samuel L. Jackson appeared as Nick Fury in the 2012 Avengers Movie

Today's Question

Can you name the Actor and Character

This 2008 movie tells the story of a vigilante superhero who lives in Los Angeles.  He is a superhero that has a drinking problem.   He is "invulnerable, immortal, possess superhuman strength, reflexes and stamina, highly developed regeneration and can fly as supersonic speed."*

* info from Wikipedia


    1. Will Smith and Hancock is the character. :-)

    2. Wow, that didn't initially look like Will Smith. I see the resemblance now.

    3. Total loss for me, lol. Yay, Tracy.

      I think the figure looks better than Will Smith.

    4. I have never seen this version of Will Smith. He looks different than the one I have. Every version I've seen is darker than the man.