Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feb 26

Black History Month

Feb 26, 2015

Yesterday's Answers:

Jada Pinkett Smith as Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney

Today's Question:
Name the character and singer/actor

This singer/actor played this character that uses music to subdue his enemies.This is a 1968 3-D movie that was shown at the Disney Theme Parks.  The character and his crew are captured by a Supreme Leader.   A member of his crew "sends out a blast of music, providing this character with the power to throw off the guards. He uses his power to transform the dark hulking guards into agile dancers who fall into step behind him for a dance number. As this character presses forward toward the Supreme Leader, she unleashes her Whip Warriors, two cybernetic defenders each with a whip and shield that can deflect his power, but her is able to defeat them."*

*info from Wikipedia