Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 15

Black History Month
Feb 15, 2015

Yesterday's Answer:
Black Panther and Storm

Today's Question:

Name the character and actor

This actor played this character.  The movie is the same name as the character.  The actor comes from a long line of comedians and actors.   His brother is standing in for him today.

"Darryl Walker is a clumsy nerdy repairman, who is a genius and Batman fan. Darryl has a pure heart and an optimistic Pollyannish personality. "Awareness to the city's issues inspires Darryl to become this character.. He uses his technical expertise to create weapons and gadgets. His brother Kevin, a tabloid news cameraman, goes along with this fantasy believing that it's Darryl's way to cope with the murder of his grandmother."*

* info from Wikipedia


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like this guy. Keep in touch

  2. Is it Damon Wayons in Blankman?

  3. I have this action figure! I wish they would have made the whole thing an outfit that he could have changed out of. I had to rebody mine. Keep the posts coming!

  4. I agree that he should have had removable clothing and should have been a little taller