Thursday, October 9, 2014

So in style dolls

Daren was part of the welcoming committee for the new Day 2 Nite Trichelle and Grace.
He was wondering what happened to the dolls. Their faces are different. Their eyes are wider. They seem to be much younger looking.
Day to Nite Trichelle, Daren, Date to Nite Grace
Day to Nite Grace on the Left, Older Grace

Day to Nite Trichelle, Older Trichelle


  1. Congratulations on your younger-looking SIS dolls.

    I am still amazed how dolls that use the same head sculpt can develop their own identities based on different complexions, hair colors, and facial screenings. These dolls all use the Mbili head sculpt, yet just at a glance Grace is recognized as Grace, Trichelle as Trichelle, Kara as Kara, of course Chandra can be no one else except Chandra, and Marisa is always Marisa.


  2. Ok, I am a little confused. I the first picture with Daren, the girls are smiling so much that you can see their teeth (they must really like Daren). However, when comparing them to the older versions, no big smile, no teeth! How did you do that???

    None the less, they are both nice dolls and I can see the differences between the new and older versions.

  3. Hello from Spain: Great SIS. Nice collection. Keep in touch

  4. they do look younger ... thanks for the contrasting photos.

  5. Hola, ellas me encantan, en especial si son articuladas.

  6. Thanks Everyone. I still like the older ones better.

  7. I also like the older ones better; the outfits are classier and more substantial and the dolls seem more distinct. I think the make-up palettes are darker, richer colors for the older dolls. The newer dolls have clear, light-bright make-up schemes.