Saturday, April 5, 2014

New finds for 2014

Every year the toy companies start to showcase the new action figures that you can preorder. I put my order in early and wait patiently.

Also Hasbro has created some  figures based on Iron man and Star Wars.
Iron Patriot, End Walker, Roadblock , Alpha, Survivor, X Boy 2, Darth Vader

End Walker is based on Denzel Washington's movie Book of Eli and Survivor is based on Will Smith's movie I am Legend.


  1. I links watching your scroll at the bottom of your blog! I am not familiar with Alpha. Who is she? I have seen Roadblock and End Walker on the net. It is good to able to get an idea of their size.

  2. I love End Walker, Roadblock, and Survivor. Congrats!

  3. Thanks. Alpha is a female figure by triad toys. I got her from Cotswold Collectibles.

  4. I like Alpha, End Walker, Roadblock, and Survivor, too. I have that X Boy 2 - is his name Wiz? I like that playscale dog - did he come with your Survivor figure? Congratulations on your male doll world. Very impressive ;-)

  5. Thanks. Yes, his name is Wiz and the dog came with figure

    1. Thanks for getting back about Wiz and about the dog ;-)