Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb 26, 2014 Black History Month

Feb 26   Black History Month

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie: Fastbreak
Dolls:    Nakia, Billy Dee Williams, Kobe Bryant, Jordan, Rodman & Ken

Today's Question:

Name the movie and dolls in appearing in the remake.

Jim Kelly stars in this 1977 movie.  "Robert Sand, agent of D.R.A.G.O.N. Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations, is playing tennis on his vacation with a beautiful black girl, when his commanding officers ask him to save a Chinese girl named Toki who happens to be Sand's girlfriend, and the daughter of a top Eastern Ambassador. The ransom for the abduction was the secret for a terrific new weapon - the freeze bomb - but the 'Warlock' behind the deed is also into the business of drug dealing and Voodoo ritual murders. The search takes him from Hong Kong to California through Miami, and plenty of action, against bad men, bad girl, and bad animals. "*

* info from IMDB

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