Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb 23, 2014- Black History Month

Feb 23 Black History Month

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie: A Piece of the Action
Dolls:  Brad, Grandpa-Mattel, Menelik-Olmec

Today's Question:

Name the movie and the doll apearing in the remake.

Pam Grier starred as this title character in this 1973 movie.  She "is a nurse whose younger sister gets involved in drugs and is severely injured by contaminated heroin. Coffy sets out on a mission of vengeance and vigilante justice, killing drug dealers, pimps, and mobsters who cross her path."*

*info from IMDB


  1. The movie is Coffy Brown and I think the doll is a GI Joe helicopter pilot.

  2. I have this doll and I love her! You don't often see her in a dress!

  3. I tried to make them fashionable. It is hard because the dresses are often too small.

  4. I only remember one scene from the movie, Coffy. That is the razor blade in the wig scene. I just watched a TV One show about Pam Grier's life and acting career.