Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb 21, 2014 Black History Month

Feb 21- Black History Month

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie:  Cornbread, Earl, and Me
Dolls:  Julian, Grant Hill, and Dylan- Bratz

Today's Question:

Name the movie and dolls in the remake.

In this 1974 movie, it stars  Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly and Jim Brown.  I decided in the remake I would have a female in the movie. "The story involves a group plotting to taint the United States water supply with a toxin that is harmless to their group but lethal to others. The only obstacles that stand in the way of this dastardly plan are Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly, who shoot, kick and karate chop their way to final victory."*

*info from IMDB


  1. I can't think of the name. I am loving that Wesley Snipes figure. Cornbread, Earl, and Me was a movie that stuck with me my whole life, even though I only saw it once.

  2. It was also one of Laurence Fishburne's movie as a child. I think they did a great job with him