Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014 Black History Month

Feb 17- Black History Month
Yesterday Answer's:
Television Show:  Good Times
Dolls:  Dasia, World Peacekeeper, Hal, Steven, Nichelle, Malibu Christie
Today's Question"
Name the movie and the dolls appearing in the remake
In this 1970 movie, Raymond St. Jacques and Godfrey Cambridge starred as the lead characters.  "Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are two black cops with a reputation for breaking the odd head. Both are annoyed at the success of the Reverend Deke O'Mailey who is selling trips back to Africa to the poor on the installment plan. When his truck is hijacked and a bale of cotton stuffed with money is lost in the chase, Harlem is turned upside down by Gravedigger and Coffin Ed, the Reverend, and the hijackers."*
* info from IMDB
Note: The dolls starred in another movie together.


  1. Cotton Comes to Harlem is the movie.

    Looking forward to knowing the ID of the guy on the right. I have him but never have known his given name.


  2. Correct. They are from the movie BadBoys