Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb 16, 2014- Black History Month

Feb 16- Black History Month

Yesterday's Answer:
Movie: Cooley High
Dolls:  Chad and Benjamin

Today's Question:
Name the television show and dolls appearing in the remake

Ester Rolle, Jimmy Walker, Berndatte Stanis, Ralph Carter and John Amos starred in this 1975 television show.  The show was about "life in the Chicago projects is never easy, However, the Evans family never gives up trying to make the best of things. While Florida and James struggle to provide for their family, their sons J.J., an aspiring painter, Micheal, the undying political crusader, causing trouble while their sister, Thelma, stands between them as the voice of reason. Living in the same building were Willona Woods, Florida's best friend from High School who provided support, love and gossip and joke about Nathan Bookman, the overweight janitor who gave them grief. Life, at least, is never boring while they fight to keep their heads above water and one day leave the projects, which they did in the series finale."*

*info from IMDB


  1. TV Show: Good Times

    1970s Christie (possibly Malibu)
    World Peacekeepers Power Team Elite Action Figure
    Sunshine Family Dad, Hal
    Generation Girl Nichelle
    Cali Guy Steven


  2. I agree with DBG's answer and only up the id for the first doll as Malibu Christie. I have her from my childhood, and she was my first favorite adult black doll ;-)