Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Kwanzaa

Celebrate Kwanzaa from Dec 26 to Jan 1.
Kwanzaa is a holiday recognizing and strengthening the bonds of famiuly, community, and traditional culture about people of African/ African American heritage.  The celebration lasts 7 days and each day a different priniciple  or Nguzo Saba  is celebrated.  One of the principles is Imani.

Imani, Kwanzaa Barbie, Imani, Kelly


  1. Happy Kwanzaa! I hear it is making a comeback. I haven't seen Kwanzaa cards in a long while. I think I have a box of those cards. I like your dolls and love Imani's sweater.

  2. Happy Kwanzaa! Your dolls look great, especially that lemon-headed Kelly or Kelly-friend. Is that an original fashion on her or a Mattel-issued dress? It is cute and unique.

    1. She was redressed and I received her at a convention.

  3. Hermosa tradivion, feliz dia, bonitas fotos.