Monday, October 14, 2013

Male doll shopping

After reading different blogs, I went  to Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and The Disney Store.  I went looking for the different male dolls that was talked about on the blogs.   I could not find the African American male cheerleading doll,  Kenya's boyfriend or G.I. Joe Roadblock.   I did find a new Steven -swimming series and the Disney Store's Lu Shang dolls.


  1. It is just like male dolls to be absent when you go looking for them. I hope the ones you want show up in your area soon. Congrats on finding the two mentioned here.


  2. Hello from Spain: great finds. . Keep in touch

  3. Yay for getting the dolls you did get.

    Bummer about not getting any others. Guess it is not yet time for you to have them ... but I hope they arrive your way soon. (I've just seen the Kenya guy friends the other day - went to a Walmart OUT of my neighborhood and my usual doll-seeking haunts, lol.) Good luck!

  4. I have Li Sang! I like him. The arms on mine are articulated and the knees bend! I hope yours does too! the only thing about the Steve is that he needs the articulated body with the rounded neck knob of the new AA Cheerleader doll. Because it will sit on the that body's neck higher (AA cheerleader head has no neck to head is meant to float above the neck) he should look tall!