Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Small action figures

I collect different action figures and some are smaller than 7".  I always wish that they would make them in 12" size. I purchased them because of the characters that they represented.

Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute in Sin City
Tony Todd as Candyman in Candyman
Voice of Ving Rhames as Ryan Whitaker in The Spirit within us
Dwayne Johnson as the Scorpion King in The Scorpion King
Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko in Deep Space Nine
Samuel Jackson as Shaft in Shaft
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in the Matrix
Michael Clarke Duncan as Mathius in The Scorpion King
Michael Jai White as Al Simmons in Spawn


  1. I like these guys especially the Michael Clark Duncan Mathius! I too whish they would make more figures in 12 inch.

  2. Have you got a 12" Toyfare Exclusive Ryan Whitaker action figure? He's a cutie. I got him on sale several years ago. One of the best deals I caught ;-)