Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shopping in April

I am in trouble. I read to many blogs this month and saw all the new dolls and action figures.  They were calling my name. Yes, I made my way to Target, Barbie Collectibles, Integrity Toys, and online.

clawdeen, zcworld, ironman, skelita, Chandra, Kara, T.J. Marisa, Clone Trooper, CM Toys, Sasha
Iron Man and Clone Trooper were 9.99 each. (too good to pass up)

Tribal Beauty Barbie


  1. Wow, you were truly enabled. LOL! You made some great choices. Love the Ironman, the Trooper and your two fine gentlemen.

  2. Thanks.I am going to be good this month and not buy.

    1. LOL @"Next month - May"

      Thanks for sharing your cool finds. Sigh. Good to see someone buying ;-)