Thursday, April 4, 2013

Django 12"

I am sad today.  I just found out that my pre order on the Django 12" action figure has been cancelled.  The company will not be releasing the doll because of the backlash towards the 8" figures.  This was a collector doll of Jamie Foxx.



  1. Hello from Spain, i really like. Very interesting. Keep in touch

  2. That's very unfortunate. I really liked the looks of this figure and would have wanted one if the price was right. I don't really understand the backlash against the dolls. Maybe Enterbay will release a Jamie Foxx figure that's unrelated to the Django character.

  3. I am so sorry that Enterbay has decided not to release the Django figure. I guess they felt not releasing was the safest way to spare being victimized by the controversy noncollectors caused at the expense of collectors.

    Like Roxanne has suggested, maybe Enterbay will use the molds for a future, less controversial Jamie Foxx character.