Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women's History Month- 1

Celebrate Women's History Month

These 2 women appeared in this Academy Award winning movie in 1939.  Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award for best supporting actress as Mammy. Butterfly McQueen played Prissy in the movie.

They both came dressed in their costumes based on the roles in the film.  I changed the outfits to show how different they look without the clothes and  head scarves.

            Butterfly is wearing a                                 Hattie is wearing a Tonner coat and  a          from crocheted dress                                   white top from  Groovy kids and a cut sock skirt*.

The movie is : Gone With the Wind

*  I went to the discount store and purchased a knee high sock.   I cut off the sock from the ankle to the toe.  I measured the length and adjusted the height.  She is a full size cloth body doll and the sock band is enough to fit her waist.


  1. I have these two. I use them with my Dolls with Books Exhibit/discussion in libraries and schools. They are among the dolls that, while not manufactured with a book, they represent characters from a book (Gone With the Wind).

    In the discussion I share that when McDaniel was criticized for accepting Hollywood roles as a maid, she reportedly said, “I'd rather get paid $750 a week for playing a maid than $7.50 a week for being a real one."


  2. It is great that you use these two in your exhibits. Children do know about the actresses of the past. It is funny that they criticized McDaniel in 1939 but praised Viola Davis and Octavia Spenser as maids in the Help.

  3. Great photos. I have 2 Hatties because I wanted to leave on in the box, but I wanted to do something different with the other one. For the one that is out of the box, I've put a wig on her and I've been looking for clothes for her. I may just have to break down and learn to sew. :)