Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pam & Sam

Jackie Brown

 Sam  and Pam

This 1997 movie was created for Pam Grier by Quentin Tarantino.  Pam was Jackie Brown in the movie of the same name.  "Jackie Brown is about a female flight attendant  who becomes a key figure in a plot between the police and an arms dealer." * Samuel Jackson played Ordell Robbie in the movie.

*info from IMDB
P.S. No one complained when the characters from this movie were not made into action figures.



  1. Great movie. Samuel Jackson was funny in this movie. I didn't know this was a Tarantino film. Nice to know.

  2. My favorite Pam Grier flick!

    Yes, Vanessa... Tarantino wrote and directed Jackie Brown and I think (if memory serves me correctly) was also criticized by some of the same people who attacked him for the use of the n-word in Django.

    The n-word is used frequently in Jackie Brown as art imitates life -- the way some people still speak amongst themselves.

    BTW, I have seen Django and my only complaint about that movie is the gushing blood during the scenes of violence. The use of the n-word in Django did not bother me. It was interesting, however, that Tarantino's bit character did not use it when referring to the slave characters. It was sort of comical and seemed out of place that he used an alternate, kinder term (which has escaped my memory).


    1. DBG - I was not aware of Tarantino until the Kill Bill series, which I loved, mainly because of the gushing blood. I guess it's the very unrealistic blood gushing that makes those type movies more comical for me. Now I expect Tarantino films to have that as a signature. We noticed that he didn't use the n-word either. I can't remember what he used. I guess he figured he was going to get enough heat with everyone else using it.

  3. I did not get to see Django. I will wait for Netflix.