Friday, March 29, 2013

Pam Grier and William Marshall



 William Marshall as Blacula and Pam as Lisa Fortier

A 1973 movie, "when the Mama Loa of a voodoo cult dies, there is an argument over who will succeed her. When the popular vote is for Lisa Fortier, cult member  vows revenge. In a misguided attempt to gain power over his enemies, he acquires the bones of Prince Mamuwalde, aka Blacula and resurrects the vampire. Blacula vampirizes cult member and places him under his control."*

"Blacula is interested in Lisa because he believes she can lift the curse upon him by casting a voodoo spell and performing an exorcism."*



  1. That's an awesome character. I remember Blacula, but I was so scared while watching the movie, I didn't see any of the other characters, so I didn't even know Pam was in it.

  2. Hello from Spain. this figure of Dracula is awesome. I had not seen before. I like the outfit he wears. We keep in touch.

  3. I love the figure. I think it is a great sculpt of the actor. There were two Blacula movies. Pam appeared in the second one.

  4. I saw the first one with Denise Nicholson as the love interest. I didn't see this second movie. Will try to borrow it from the Library ;-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Vonetta McGee was the love interest to Blacula.