Friday, February 1, 2013

February is Black History Month

February 1st:

For this Black History Month, I want to celebrate African American Actors and Actresses that have appeared in Sport Films.  Some are based on real athletes and others are fictional.  Can you name the actor and/or actress and film?

This actor  played college and professional football for the Oakland Raiders before acting.  He also played  a football player, Dreamer Tatum in this 1977 movie about "two men named Tiller and Puckett as two football buddies who play  for a team called the Miami Bucks.  The team owner's daughter roommates with both men and the film depicts a subtle love triangle."*

Hint:  His outfit is from a different sport film.


*info from Wikipedia and IMDB 


  1. Yes, He is Carl Weathers based on his character Apollo Creed in Rocky. Tha answers will be given in Day 2.