Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 16- Football

Black History Month
Feb. 16, 2013

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie: Invictus
Actor: Morgan Freeman

Today's Quiz:
Name the actress and movie:

This 1991 movie is about "a down and out cynical detective teaming up with a down and out ex-quarterback to try and solve a murder case .When the girl , Cory that detective Joe Hallenback is protecting gets murdered, the boyfriend of Cory (ex-football player Jimmy Dix) attempts to investigate and solve the case. What they discover is that there is deep seated corruption going on between a crooked politician and the owner of a pro football team. "*

                                      Football player stand in ,  Cory

*info from IMDB


  1. No clue, but I like this football player. Which one is he? If giving away his name will spoil the quiz, I will just wait until tomorrow.

  2. The Last Boy Scout. Halle Berry.

  3. He played for the Denver Broncos. He is Terrell Davis. He was issued in the late 90's. Thanks for answering. Damon Wayans was the ex- quarterback in the movie.