Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb 13- basketball

Black History Month
Feb 13, 2013

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie: White Men Can't Jump
Actor: Wesley Snipes

Today's Quiz:
Name movie and actor.

In this 2005 movie, "Coach Roy once was college basketball's top mastermind. But lately his attentions have been on his next endorsements, not on his next game. What¹s more, Roy's temper has run amuck, leading to his being banned from college ball until he can demonstrate compliance--in other words, not explode every time he walks onto the court. Roy waits and waits; for a suitable coaching offer, but he receives only one: the Mount Vernon Junior High School Smelters basketball squad."  He takes the job.*

*info from IMDB


  1. No clue, but I like his face. What's wrong with his legs?

    1. He is from Bad Boys the movie. There is nothing wrong with his legs. I put the basketball uniform on and it goes below his knees. There are boots on his legs.