Thursday, January 31, 2013

Django Unchained

Here is my response after reading Black Doll Collecting posting about the Django Unchained 8" action figures.  See her post at :

As a doll collector, I love collecting dolls that represent me and I am upset that the Django figures* will not be produced. 

The discontinuing of the line of figures has raised the price on them.  Some cost as much as $2000 for one  because of the limited production.

Second:  I will not be able to do my Black History Trivia with these figures/dolls.

1.   Prior to Django Unchained,  Kerry and Jamie started in what other film  together.
2.  Which star won an Oscar for his/her role in Question 1.
3.  What actor remade a Richard Roundtree movie?
4. What actor is starring in a Prime time television show?

The figures represent so much more than the movie. Instead of stopping production the figures, the company  should have redressed them (to please parents) as the real life person with the character costumes as additions.  Thus, the figures would still get produced.

Where were the critics when Vivica A. Fox or Pam Grier characters were not created?

There are not enough African American dolls/figures being created,  and now they have removed three more figures/dolls from the market.

*photo  came from a posting by koko55509


  1. Fun trivia. I was tempted to use Google to find the answers, but I will play fair. I can only answer question 4. Kerry Washington stars in the ABC weekly show, Scandal.

    It's sad that the Django figures that were produced are in the hands of vultures tempting to capitalize on their discontinuation and the controversy they caused. I have a strong suspicion that these sellers will be sitting on those figures for a while. Not very many people will be willing to pay those astronomical prices. Within a year or maybe even less, those inflated asking prices should drop.


    1. That should read: attempting to capitalize..., but I guess the sellers were tempted by greed.


  2. Thanks for answering/ or trying to answer the questions. I agree that the price will drop in the future.

    The answers are:
    1. Ray
    2. Jamie Foxx for Ray
    3. Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft
    4. Kerry Washington

  3. You didn't give me a chance to answer the questions. I knew 3 of the 4. I agree with your sentiments expressed. Enterbay is coming out with a 1/6 scale Jamie Foxx, Django figure, per one of D7ana's recent posts. I imagine more companies will produce these figures in the future. Now that I've seen the movie, I would love to have a few of these figures.

  4. After watching the NAACP Image awards last night, I could not believe I didn't remember Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx in Ray.

    Vanessa is right about the continued availability of Enterbay's 1/6 scale Django figures, but who wants to pay $199 each when those who didn't mind the 9-inch size of the discontinued set could have have purchased the full set of characters at retail for less?