Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pink Hair

Hair Colors- this is a continuation of my post from yesterday about dolls/figures with different hair colors.

The second male that fell under this category was Dennis Rodman- ex basketball player that won several NBA Championships with the Detroit Pistons and Los Angles Lakers.  During his time playing basketball,  he wore different hair colors.

Shades of Pink
 Front Row: Fountain Mermaid Christie, Hula Hair Christie, Alexis
Middle Row:   Designable Hair Barbie, Aria, Raya, Nikki, Fairy Mermaid Barbie
Back Row:  Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman
Simone, Malika
Mara, Bebe, Reese, StylaBlue

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  1. Hello from Spain: I see you have a collection of dolls with multicolored hair. Your collection is very original. Keep in touch