Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Police Officer figure

I purchased the Los Angeles Police Officer figure that was named Tiger.  The figure was supposed to look like Tiger Woods.  I wanted the figure because a 12" Tiger figure has never been made.  I was disappointed when I received the figure because it does not remind me of Tiger.  It is a well made figure and it comes with all the accessories for a police officer.  The figure was created by ZC World.


  1. My that isn't a good likeness. But it's a nice male figure. Shrug.

    I think that Hot Toys had a Tiger Woods figure that may not have been mass produced. I vaguely recall seeing something like that. Sorry that's all I can remember. Brow furrowed.

  2. Very nice figure, but definitely not Tiger. What is up with that expression on his face?

  3. He's nice, but I agree, he does not look like Tiger Woods.


  4. Hello from Spain: your police like a real person. He is wearing a very appropriate uniform. Keep in touch

  5. I think they were trying to capture Tiger's expression. He makes a good police officer.

  6. Hi there :)
    I really like this figure - although it's nothing like T. Woods, it's nicely sculpted, detailed and it comes with a lot of stuff!
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but... would you be willing to share some other pics of his face & full body? I'm tempted to buy it and I'd love to compare the promo pics with some "real life" photos...
    Thanks! :)