Saturday, July 28, 2012

Final items from the Barbie Convention

Some of the goodies that I bought and received from the convention, table host and table mates.

Here are some of the dolls that I purchased.  I was looking for the Cleopatra doll, but the prices were still too high.  I will continue to look for her.

Cha Cha, Rose Splendor, Grace, Christie, Steven, Basic Barbie No. 2
So In Style T-Shirt

Goodies from table mates
(Julie, Janice, Bill, Susan, Sharon, Kathy)

convention bag

Gifts from Table host - Suzanne

Gifts from Convention
outfits and steamer trunk
Table Centerpiece that my sister won

Another Convention has come to a close.   New Orleans is next.


  1. I've enjoyed your convention coverage. Congratulations on your new doll items and winnings. I hope you're able to find the
    Cleopatra doll soon at a price you're comfortable paying.


  2. Congratulations on your new goodies. Thanks for sharing your convention experience. Good luck getting a reasonable Cleopatra Barbie ;-)

  3. Hello from Spain: i love the convention bag. It is very nice for me. Congratulations on your new doll items and winnings. Keep in touch

  4. You are welcome. I enjoyed sharing.

  5. Wow! I've never see the Whoopi Strek figure. What a find!