Monday, June 18, 2012

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are here.

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

I went to check my collection and I have a few of the players.

Dwayne Wade, Juwan Howard, Lebron James, Kevin Durant
 Lebron and Juwan were on different teams when their figures were created.  Both are on Miami.
Kevin  was on the Seattle Supersonics until they moved  and became the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Dwayne, Lebron and Kevin are from the All Star Vinyl Collection from Upper Deck.
Juwan was created in 1998 and is from the Starting lineup series by Kenner.  He is fully articulated.


  1. Not a sports fan and I must admit that I do not know the names nor what most players look like (even though my husband is glued to the set whenever basketball or football is on) but these guys are great!


  2. Hello from Spain: I already know that America is very successful in the NBA. Spain has more fans in football than basketball. You have a collection of very athletic kids. Congratulations. I had not seen before. Keep in touch.

  3. I'm like DBG - not a sports fan or knowledgeable about the players. Soon as I associate one name with one team, seems like that player has to move elsewhere. Shrug. Interesting to see the variety in your collection though ;-D

  4. I'm a sports nut, Go Heat! Although I like OKC, too. Those are some bad boys. Juwan is really nice. The other figures don't really capture the other players as well. The LeBron isn't bad. It resembles him. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks. i love watching basketball and collected most of the players when they were created. I hope they will make some more in the future. The thunder are young they will be back.