Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Auction Winners

When I saw the  posting for the Auction of Black Dolls, I was so excited.  There were so many fashion dolls on the listing that I had to narrow it down (it was hard).  I chose  the dolls that I did not have and one that I did have in case I did not win the others.   When I first constructed the list, I think I had about 20 dolls on the list and I had to narrow it down.

Here is what I won:

I was looking for male dolls that I did not have.  I found two of them.  One is Huggy Bear from the Starsky and Hutch series  and the other is Buckwheat from the Little Rascals.   I like collecting real people as dolls/action figures.

As a child I had received the Caucasian Jody, the Country Girl Doll and I always wanted the African American version.  Well, I was able to get her.

On her box: Pretty as a picture, yet dressed for play in her old fashioned dress and pretty pantaloons.  Fairy tale long hair down to the tip of her high buttoned shoes. Sitting or standing poseable Jody is ready for active play.

I had the Happy Family Grandparents and now I was able to get the Happy Family with child.

Hattie, Hon and Hal
Doing things together & with you!  They share the same warm world as The Sunshine Family Dolls (the Caucasian version of the dolls). 
I always wanted the Marla Gibbs doll.  She came with her maid's uniform and her red dress.  She is about  14 inches.

I also bought some Candi Girls dolls. ( I bid on these dolls thinking that I would not be able to get them)


  1. Congratulations on your winnings of these wonderful dolls. I'm glad you had the courage to participate in absentee bidding. I am sure that they are well worth the wait in spite of the kinks you experinced in getting them. Hopefully you can now enjoy them to their fullest.


    PS With the exception of Buckwheat and Huggy Bear, I have the others that you won.

  2. Nice! Congrats. Most of your finds I have never seen before. I am loving that Marla Gibbs doll. I think I will go watch some 227 in a bit.

  3. Thanks. Yes, I am enjoying them.

  4. Congratulations on your finds! My favorite in this group is the Buckwheat doll. I haven't seen many AA child actor dolls and one done so very well. Very cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, so many pretty dolls! :D (I had never seen one of those Little Rascals dolls before - and now I want one, of course. *laughs*) I hope you'll take lots of photos of these beauties!