Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alexis and the guys

I had purchased some Alexis dolls on sale at Toys R Us.  In the Liv Dolls series there was only one male  doll produced and  I wanted to see who I could match with Alexis. If you get a chance to read her diaries online she talks about  having a boyfriend.  I paired her with a few male figures that could take her to the school dance.

Alexis is different from the other dolls in the series becasue  she came in different skin tones.


Love  & Alexis (the 1st one)

Alexis (Makin Waves) & Tom


Alexis(Making Waves) & Benjamin   

Alexis (Spa Makeover) & Tre

Alexis (Liv for Color) & Chad  

Alexis (Making Waves) & Sutton
Here is the group

Only one Alexis can go to the dance and they chose:


  1. I think Sutton was the best choice for Alexis. Her head size overshadows everyone else's.


  2. It is hard to match her with some of the dolls/figures because she is a teenager.

  3. Thanks for sharing! That is some range in complexions.

    The boyfriend match-up is a cute display. Wow is her head um full? And she does look younger than some of the guys. Or rather, they look as though they'd get arrested for taking her out, lol. Mr. Love for example, lol.

    1. Mr. Love is based on a teenage character.

  4. .- Hello from Spain: Tom Sutton make a cute couple. I like to see in these photos the large collection of dolls you have. Keep in touch.

  5. I want to get one of the articulated darker skinned Alexis dolls one of these days (but I will be swapping her head with another doll).

    What kind of doll is Tom?