Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will & Muscular Bodies Rock!!!

I purchased the Will Smith Head by Loading Toys. I think this is a good likeness of the actor.

 I was looking for a good body to go with his head.   I purchased this by body by  ACI Toys.  It is the Muscular Bodies Rock the African Andrew Version 3.0.  I like the body but the arms do not stretch out

The body was a perfect match to the head.   The problem that I encounter was that the head/ neck knob was to small for his head/neck knob was too big for the body.  I had an extra knob and it fit perfectly after some boiling water help loosen the head/neck knob.

<------------------------------------------------------------Head/Neck Knob
The final outcome undressed

 Dressed:  He is wearing jeans that I ordered for action figures.  The top is from the Ken Fashionistas collection.  The top is a little small and the velcro  back does not close completely.


  1. I'm glad to finally see a good sculpt of him. I have not liked any of the others. Even for this one I would prefer the unfurrowed (sp?) brow. I always associate happiness with Will Smith and his family, so that's how I prefer him. Thanks for the post. I'm going to take a look right now.

  2. I saw this one when I purchased my Michael Jordan head last week, but decided to pass because like Vanessa, I wanted a less stern-looking Will Smith.

    I love my Michael Jordan, but almost freaked out at the size of the neck opening until I noticed the extra knob. I hope the intended body fits; I did not order an extra one.

    Your muscular body is... extremely muscular! I'm glad you were able to get it to work with the Will Smith head.


    1. This is not the same Will Smith that I saw last week. The one I saw had a lighter complexion without the furrowed brow.


  3. I think that Will Smith is by Head play. It is always tricky matching the bodies to the heads because of the neck piece.

  4. Loading Toys grabbed that likeness. Thanks for sharing.

    Okay, new action figure company to keep an eye out for ... Loading Toys ;-D

  5. Hello from Spain: Happy Easter. you're right to be identical to the actor. Keep in touch.