Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remi Back to Brooklyn order

I am getting tired of the  Integrity process and the preordering with a dealer.  I always have a problem trying to order the doll from a doll shop that I normally do not order from.

I was trying to preorder Remi from Cherished Friends.  I placed the order on Monday, April 2, 2012 and I received this automated message.

Your order form has been processed by our website and will be shipped
as soon as possible, if the item is in stock. If this is a pre-order, or
if any item listed is not in stock, we will ship it as soon as it becomes

On April 6, 2012, I received this message:

When we put up the dolls we have a note to email us BEFORE placing your order on the web site. It is the only way for us to keep counts of what we sell. 200 people did  not email us first and put the order on there.
I do NOT have anything left of what you ordered as I answered people who emailed me.
I am so sorry!
I understand that I made a mistake but why would you wait the entire week to inform me. Thus I am not able to order the doll from any other company because the preorders are sold out.  I would think that you would look at the orders first because  I could have ordered other dolls.  I guess not.


  1. So sorry you missed out on Remi through Cherished Friends. I hope another one surfaces for you.


  2. I feel for you. I didn't hunt him down this time out. I hope he becomes available for you

  3. Thank you. I like the back to brooklyn theme.

  4. Hi from Spain: I feel for you. It is very sad that it takes so long to notify that no order.I didn't hunt him down this time out. Keep in touch

  5. I am so sorry about the missing of the order. That is very annoying and disappointing!!

    On another note, actually Cherished Friends is one of the most helpful and lovely doll websites that I have ever brought from. If I could have a choice, I prefer to work out the deals with them. They also have a Yahoo Group which will usually send out earlier notes on new items.

    Well, back to Remi...I have a nude Radient Child Remi, I would like to put this outfits on him. I like this outfits alot. I love the color combination and the look! For the doll, I have a weak point for tan skinned gals/guys! Men, believe it or not, I have sold most of my FR girls but the no. of my guys are just increasing!!!

    Finally I saw that you have a very hard-to-find action figure on the top righ corner of your banner!! Bravo! He is in my wish list for a long long time!

    Cliffy - Hong Kong