Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My molded hair

The photo on my blog features several male figures that have molded hair.  Uusally molded hair is in the shape of an afro (short or big) or a natural.  Some of the hairstyles have been molded into some unique styles including, braids, locks, and unique cuts. This first post shows various styles. 
 Tyr, Snoop Dogg, Wiz, Love, Jyadakins

Love- Tokyo Tribe 2

Snoop Dogg

Tyr Anasazi

Jyadakins (Tokyo Tribe 2)

(I found this action figure after seeing this figure in a picture on Brooklyn Stars Forever.  I was determined to find him.) 



  1. I can see why you had to have Wiz-X-boy2. He's nice! I may have to go on a search of my own. Thanks for sharing all the guys with us. Love and Wiz are both new to me.

  2. Hello from Spain: thank you for showing the different hairstyles of all these guys. A very original entry. Keep in touch.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have all but the Tokyo Tribe guys. I really like your Love guy. That is one massive head of hair he has! He could be renamed Samson, lol.

  4. Your are welcome. Thanks for the comments. I am glad you like the guys. Wiz is a little difficult to find. I found him without clothes.