Sunday, April 22, 2012

Molded locks

I like it when the action figures have different hair styles.  Sometimes the locks'  hairstyles are made from synthetic hair and other times they are molded on to the action figure. Here are a few examples. 


Booker T.

Kofi Kingston
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Tyr Anasazi


  1. Hi MDW! Thanks for sharing these figures from your collection. Are Wiz's locks "Bantu knots?" Is Jean-Michel Basquiat playscale? I have Wiz amd Tyr, but M. Basquiat is new to me.

  2. Thanks from me too, MDW, for sharing this variety of AA hair creativity. I didn't realize there was a Jean-Michel Basquiat doll. Like D7ana, I'm interested in knowing his size as well.


  3. Jean Michel Basquiat is just under 11 1/4 inches tall. I will post full pictures of him.

  4. Thanks, MDW! He has an interesting face. Strong and manly. I like the outfit too. Oh, no. How did his name get on my Want List?