Thursday, April 26, 2012

Molded Braids

The Braids are here. 

The style of  molded braids looks different on individual action figures.  Sometimes the molded braids look like real braids; other times the braids are represented by molded hair that is parted (without a braided texture) to represent cornrows.  The braids are represented in various styles but mostly the front to back style.



Allen Iverson (Super X figure by Dragon)

Snoop Dogg

Booker T. 

Carmelo Anthony ( All Star Vinyl)

Allen Iverson ( All Star Vinyl)

Prince of Egypt- Moses


  1. I really like Booker T's braids. They are very realistic in the design.

  2. Booker T has a well-sculpted face, too. Is he from Jakks Pacific? Thanks for sharing and the answer ;-D

  3. You are welcome. I made a mistake. The wrestler is not Booker T. He is Elijah Burke. He was created by Jakks Pacific.