Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lt. Boomer

A few years ago, Amok Time had offered two of the African American characters from Battlestar Galactica as action figures for pre-order.  The figures were never made. When I recently saw that they had Lt. Boomer for sale.  I immediately purchased the figure and did not read the description. When I received the figure, I was disappointed.  If I had read the description, I probably  would not have purchased the figure. 

I was so excited about the figure and thought it would be the same as the Night of the Living Dead action figure since it was from the same company.

The description from the website is below:

The Lt. Boomer 1:6th scale figure includes an authentic costume and likeness of actor Herbert Jefferson. Includes helmet and gun accessories and BSG display stand.
Please note: these are production samples being offered for a very limited time. Each doll has a resin head and hand painted figure deco. Figure functions the same way as the original offerings with all the same points of articulation and design. Figure is on a caucasian skin tone body, this can only be seen if you remove the clothes from the figure. Each figure is on the same 12in body type as the original BSG offerings. Figure comes in plastic display tray as pictured and does not include a picture box.


  1. So the head and hands are black but the body is white? Bummer!

  2. Thanks for the notice on this one. I had been looking at him and Colonel Tigh (sp?). Shame. Those bodies by Majestic Studios don't look like they can be dyed. Parts of their bodies are shiny too, so paint might not be easy either. Tsk, tsk.

    Do appreciate the warning though. Wonder if the head could be transferred to another body ....

  3. I think the head can come off. The neck connection is molded to the body. A little heat or steam should loosen the head from the body.

  4. Thanks for the heat suggestion. I got the first three Battlestar Gallactica figures, but I don't care for the faces. I intend to use other heads for those poseabale - if shiny lol - bodies.