Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat

         I had never heard of this artist until I saw the action figure.  The action figure was created by Medicom Toy Co. under the Real Life Heroes series. I was surprised that I did not know of this artist. 

        After I saw the action figure, I learned about this artist by watching the movie, Basquiat, about his life, and then I  was fortunate to see the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in 2005.  It was an amazing exhibit.  If I did not see the action figure, I would have never learned about this artist.

Jean Michel Basquiat
around 11 1/4" tall

He wears a shirt and sweater

He has bendable arms and legs
He wears a separate sweater and shirt


  1. Thanks for the information about this figure. I like him a lot!

    I movie, Basquiat, starring Jeffrey Wright is how I was introduced to this artist as well.


  2. I too saw the movie but I never saw the doll until now! Where did you get him?

  3. Thanks, MWD, for providing this information. Medicom makes more interesting characters than I realized. I used to think they just made anime style figures.

  4. He is really nice! I will have to look up this artist. I am not familiar with him either. How does he compare height-wise to other action figures?

  5. I either ordered the figure from or toy Tokyo. The figure is 11 1/4". If you look at my photo on my blog love and jyadakins are Medicom toys too.

  6. I want him. Thanks for sharing the info about this figure!

  7. Hello from Spain: This dollse looks good in your photos. I did not seeon film or sold in stores in my country. Thanks for posting the information. Keep in touch