Sunday, April 1, 2012

American Teen- Benjamin and Dominique

This is Benjamin and Dominique

The box gave information about each teen.

Who Am I?
I'm not much yet, but I will be!  Take that to the bank.  I will have that big house, with the columns down the front, and the chairs on the porch and the money in the bank.  Will happen! DC's my home.  Dad's a university professor. American history.  He's cool. Mom. She's into church. All the time. Makes her happy, but me, I'm working! Dad says I need an MBA for my internet business. Well, when I need that MBA, I'll get that MBA! But right now things are going my way. And, it is happening.

Blogger's Note:  A NYC shopping is showing in the picture eventhough he is from DC.

Who Am I?
I'm a lest I'm going to be.  I am SO excited...I've been accepted to Dartmouth College - on a scholarship! Everything is so great.  everyone is so happy for me. It's kind of been a dream of my Mom's, that I would go to college.  You know, Dartmouth, wow, its gonna be a lot different than East St. Louis.  St. Louis is ok but our neighborhood isn't so great.  Mom insisted we move here so she'd have enough money for my school stuff, but its real noisy here. City. You know. Not New York, but city.  Keep thinking of New England, and all that quiet snow. Cool. And then I'll come back and teach kid's like me here, kids who were kind of left. Dad disappeared when I was a baby, never heard from him, but haven't needed him! Mom did just fine. And I will too.

Blogger's Note: Even though Dominique is supposed to be from St. Louis her picture on the box looks like a corner in NYC.


  1. Wow! At last! Thanks for sharing. I am going to Google + this post and tweet it. Do you mind if I click it on Pinterest?

    I am working on a blog post about dolls with braided hair. These seem to be the only playscale dolls with "real" cornrows.

    Oh, everyone wants New York to be the default American city, lol. Shrug.

  2. Yes, you can click on Pinterest. You are welcome.

  3. Here's the pin on Pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing them with us. Oh and could you let us know if they are all plastic or if they have a padded middle? Thanking you again.

  4. These dolls are great! I purchased Dominique and Benjamin last week after reading D7ana's blog post about them.

    1. Where did you buy them?

  5. Hello from Spain: this pair of dolls are beautiful. I like the clothes they wear. They are a very real dolls with bodies like normal people. Keep in touch.

  6. Yes, they have plastic/vinyl bodies

  7. Thanks for this information about their bodies and for all the great photos you have shared. I feel like it's my birthday just reading about them and seeing the photos.

  8. I just listed an American Teen doll Benjamin on ebay with a starting bid of only $.01. It is in NEW condition, still sealed in the original plexiglass display box.